Saturday, October 6, 2007

What can you do, you ask?...

...Well, can you dig? Do you have a shovel? A rake?
Then, come on down to SDCCS on Saturday,Oct. 20th for our All Day Work Event. This is the dirty work, literally. We need folks who want to build, haul, dig BIG holes in HARD soil and work with noisy machinery.

Bring sturdy footwear and tough clothes, don't forget gloves...and, if you need to bring the kids, keep in mind that most of the chores for the first dig are not very kid friendly. They can always play on the play structures and sand box as we all work. We will also be providing water and some snacks to keep you nourished!!

As we get closer to October 20th, we will keep you updated on time and details, so keep checking back here.

(There will be a Fun-for-the-Whole-Family
garden event in November where planting
will be involved!)

So,if you are Garden Giddy like the rest of us and you just can't wait...this garden really needs STUFF! Check the wish list to the left. We update the list as things are donated from individual families or big businesses. If you have something to donate that is not on the list, please contact Amy or Annie (e-mails to the left). We are not in the position to take anything and everything as we have limited storage space...we are really looking for the right things at the right times! If you or anyone you know would like to donate money towards a specific item (for example; a composter, garden benches etc.) just let us know.

If you plan on coming on Saturday, leave us a comment ( or just email Amy) and some contact info so we can plan accordingly ! Thanks in advance for all your efforts !! We could not do this without the support from our School Community !!

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