Saturday, October 20, 2007

Just a taste of what went on...

bigdig 10-20-2007 5-12-28 PM (by You)
...a Meyer Lemon Tree is honor of our school that always seems to make lemonade out of lemons!

bigdigpano2 (by You)
Six 4ft X 12ft raised beds were made and filled...ready for planting!

grim diggers sepia (by You)
Just a few of the "Grim Diggers"

bigdigpano1 (by You)
A work in progress!


ma and pa otter said...

The Grim Diggers Rock! Thanks everyone I had a lot of fun.

Matt (Mac and Emmett's Papa)

Amy said...

Nothing like Dirt, Compost, Cobble Stones, Shovels, Picks, Wood, Paint, Concrete, Power Tools, a Rototiller and a Lemon Tree to get the SDCCS Teachers, Parents, & Children together to make two Wonderful Garden Spaces!!

A HUGE Thanks to ALL !!!!


Caroline said...

Awesome job!