Wednesday, October 24, 2007

The Next Step...A Garden Festival!!

Sunday, November 4th from 11-4 come join us for the first annual Garden Festival! Let's celebrate the new green spaces we are creating for our school by doing some planting and some artwork with the children! This will also be an opportunity for families to donate something on the garden wish list (on the left) perhaps a shovel... and then they can put that shovel to use!

We also have a list of things we could use help with that have nothing to do with the Garden Festival and everything to do with organizing and communicating the garden "chores". We have developed a "SDCCS Garden Guide" Binder ". This essentially will be a Plant "How To" Guide, that will be accessible to everyone. It will be stored in outdoor trunks along with tools. We will also have a white board at each Garden with the design layouts, and a calender that will let anyone who comes to volunteer, Teachers and Students what needs to be done in the way of planting, watering, weeding, fertilizing. etc. This will be a great tool for Garden Liaison's, Teachers and Volunteers to Communicate. We can also use the Blog to help us as well. We are not sure if the Blog is working as a good communication tool, so please feel free to comment at the end of the post to let us know your thoughts. Its easy to do, you just need to register a name, don't be shy !! Comments are great way to ask questions, and give us your idea's, we check them daily.

Here is Our "NEXT STEPS LIST", things we really need now to proceed smoothly...

1. We need a plumber who can help us add some hose bibs so watering can be done more quickly. We also need MORE hoses and splitters!
2. We need someone to start and help maintain our composting system and even a worm farm...we have a good spot for it, just not the time to implement it. We could use the help in this area!!
3. We really need an ongoing Donations Coordinator whose job would include scanning Craig's List for free plants, tools etc and then arranging these items to be picked up or delivered. There is so much free stuff out there...we just need to get it...gardens are expensive, especially in the first few years!

If anyone has any ideas they can put into action let us know!
Please comment below or e-mail Amy or Annie (addresses at the left)

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