Monday, October 25, 2010

...All that and a Chicken Coop Too!

Our Annual Fall Garden Work Day was very productive! It's remarkable how much gets done in such a short time with our dedicated parents, teachers and kids!

In the "Kindergarden" a berry trellis was erected, beds were cleaned out, herbs were planted, a new sink was installed and more of the chain link was covered in reed fencing for privacy and to beautify. We accomplished everything we wanted to in that area!

Over at "Phoenix Farms" a tee-pee and a tunnel were built for peas, beans, nasturtiums and other climbers. We planted passion vines and wisteria to cover our outdoor classroom.
The plan is to turn this area into a working kitchen. We have added picnic tables and we are working on a sink and counter top area with a cook stove. As the food is harvested we can wash prepare and eat all in one place!

And, did we mention the chicken coop?
Yes, after a bit more work from a handful of very dedicated parents with chicken raising experience, we will be welcoming 4 chickens to our school!

It is really amazing what can be done in just 4 hours at SDCCS.
Thanks to everyone involved and we hope to see you soon in the garden!

The Kindergardeners in Natures Classroom

Kathy and Claudia (two volunteer parents) have been spending time with Jacob's kindergarten class out in the garden with great ideas and lots of motivation! They harvested pumpkins together, and read a book about how many seeds the pumpkin's might have inside them. They also cut open the pumpkins, roasted the seeds and learned about decomposition. So many opportunities for learning that came from just a few seeds !

Morgan's kinder class got together with help from a volunteer Grandmother to make a very creative scare-crow. Stop by and see it in person !

This is what our school is all about and
the kids love it!

Monday, October 4, 2010

Off to a Great Start!

We returned to school this year with the gardens looking beautiful and within days we had teachers, kids and parent volunteers working to clean out beds and replant for fall. So much has
been accomplished in just a few weeks.

This will be the 4th year since the SDCCS garden projects began and it is wonderful to report that almost every child is spending time working and learning in our growing spaces. Most classrooms have weekly plans to spend time outside.

Weekly Schedule (so far...)

Tuesdays: ~Erica and Bernie's Multi-age classes, in small groups, 45 minutes each.

Thursdays: ~Gardening Day for all the Third graders !
~Jacob's Kindergarten class

Fridays: ~ 5th grade classes garden day.
~ ~Jennifer Kelly's nutrition class
~Kate and Anthony's Multi-age classes,
in small groups, 45 min each.

~Morgan's Kindergarten class

SO, if you are interested in spending time in the garden with your class on a regular basis, Mondays and Wednesdays are available and there is always work to do. We can teach parents to take kids out and we have wonderful garden curriculum books with lots of ideas.

Upcoming Projects :
The 4th grade classes will be starting a brand new California Native Garden! (in this corner of the blacktop)
The 7th graders were given a wrought iron pergola and have planted passion fruit vines in that area!
Water Saver Barrels are in the works.
We will be welcoming a chicken coop and, soon after, CHICKS!!!

AND, mark your calendars....

OCT. 16


Also be sure to check out all the smaller gardens and the school beautification projects going on around campus. We still need wooden picnic tables, chairs, umbrellas and benches to extend and expand our classrooms to include the outdoors!