Sunday, October 21, 2007

It Takes A Village....of Very Hard Working Volunteers!!

Our Big Dig Day was a huge success !! We were so happy and excited about how great our day went!!



Here is what we accomplished in 9 hours.

In the K-2 Garden, we ammended the soil, rototilled and layed out cobble around the bed designs. With the expertise of one of our SDCCS Parents, Joe Rich, we had the most beautiful fence, along with two incredibly charming Arbors built. If you ever need any type of landscape or hardscape work done, Joe is your Man! Check out his work at Fortress Fence and Landscape. Joe not only designed the fence, he brought a whole truck load of tools and extra supplies! Joe, Thanks so much for everything !! The Garden will forever have a bit of YOU built right in !!

With the help of Alan, Shawn, and Pepe, 6 Raised Beds were built and moved over to the Dirt Area in the Big Playground for the Upper Grades. Both Alan and Shawn were in awe of immense power of the Nail Gun that Joe Supplied. Thanks Guys !! After that, more Volunteers worked tirelessly not only to level the beds, but shovel 10 yards of top soil in each and every one. There was lots of sweat, laughs, and great ideas flowing out there !! Thanks to Matt, Riaz (great design layout!), Sue, Jeff, CJ, Melanie, Jack, Amy, and anyone else I missed for all that hard work!

The Kids were involved as well. They painted wonderful designs on 4 different benches, and we placed them in various area's around the school. Thanks Haley, Chloe, Lucy, Lilly, Kristen,and again whoever I may have missed. We love our children's Artwork!

We also had the children help us plant our very first fruit tree, a semi-dwarf meyer lemon, along the new chain link fence out in the front of the school. We envision each grade planting there own fruit tree, to build a small SDCCS Orchard. Let's hope we will have some lemonade to share this summer. Thanks to Chloe, Lucy, Haley, Annie, Amy for planting, and Jay and Kit for digging that hole !!

There are many more people to acknowledge for their incredible effort... from Arnold who delivered benches days before and worked all day long on Saturday, to Matt, Riaz, Sean, Jose, Emil, Jay, Sonja, Tara, Laurie, CJ and Jeff for tirelessly working the fence, and rototilling. To Jay and Pepe who worked every corner of that place along with Dmitry, Matt, Kit, Tara, Christine, Sonja, Sarah... Thank you Lydia and Daleth for moral support, childcare and refreshments...really! Thank you Merrill for wheeling endless amounts of cobble stones back and forth and back again, with such a happy face, (we have video!)... Sarah, August, Jose, and Amy for help everywhere you were needed... There's more! Sue, Melanie, Jack, Linda, Juliane...Thank You too!! And Sarah, for giving new life to the four dying ficus plants around the school, Thank you! Lauri, for all those late nights you spent re-working the Whimsical Garden Design sketch for the K-2 Garden, your vision and plant knowledge is just wonderful..Thankyou!! Emil, thank you always, for the great visual documentation and helpful hands! It's amazing what can happen in one day when we all come together!! I also want to thank all the people on the Garden Committee who have been working behind the scenes to make all of this happen! What a wonderful group of people !!

If you would like to see more photo's from the day, please visit our flickr photo group pool here: Flickr: The SDCCS Green Room

See you in two weeks for the Garden Festival. Sunday, November 4th (11am to ?)...we promise to ask you only to dig one or two holes...the rest is for the kids !!


lydiafdc said...

Our amazing great!! And Annie and Amy are stars!! Grat job organizing and delegating.

Caroline said...

Amazing! this blog listed on the main sddccs should be!

E'l Roy said...

Actually it's listed on the "About Us" page side bar, and featured on the "Curriculum" page.

Caroline said...
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