Sunday, April 6, 2008

Hard Work Pays Off!

We hope more families get involved in our gardens and in our school beautification and clean-up projects. It won't be long until our school looks like a visual representation of all we stand for: creativity, love of learning, respect for eachother and our environment, appreciation of nature and art, the importance of activism and involvement. All of this realized in a cooperative way is really what we are all about!

It was a small group today, but we accomplished almost everything on our list...everyone worked really hard.

The succulent garden looks great... a new table was built and really beautiful art was hung to cover some chainlink.
This garden still needs some cube shelving and some seating but we are well on our way to having an outdoor student lounge of sorts.

Work was done in the 3-8th grade garden also!
Art was hung over the raised beds to beautify... and we were given a good amount of composted horse manure to add to the beds...this will really make for a productive spring garden.
Many of the old dying veggies were taken out and the beds are ready for planting!

Gourds were hung throughout the school, painted by Miss Bell's Art Classes!

"Aviary Alley" was idea from C.J. Hawk... to make the breezeway a welcoming place for birds and butterflies. This bed was turned and a few california natives were planted in addition to some of the ones already there. This area is mulched with cocoa hulls...take a handfull and smell the chocolate!

Bamboo fencing, double strength,was attatched to our existing fencing in the k-2 bed to keep out the exhaust from Genessee and to make our garden a bit cozier. This was a huge job and was done by two very hard working folks... thankyou!
This garden was also fertilized and mulched ... there is more to be done but we got a great start thanks to some really hard work in the digging and weeding department!


lydiafdc said...

It looks beautiful! Well said on the visual representation of what we stand for...true cooperative effort...i love it!

Caroline said...

it all looks so amazing..can't wait to see it once my children are feeling better!

will said...


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