Saturday, January 19, 2008

Join In the Harvest

Fourth Grade Garden Harvest January 18, 2008:
It was truly amazing and rewarding to see 40 nine-year olds so excited about vegetables! So many proud faces as the veggies were pulled from the garden they had planted with seeds and buds just two months ago!We brought hummus, dried tomato spread, lemons, limes and salt. The children made wraps with the lettuce. "Delicious", "so good", "wow" is what the kids kept saying as they munched down every last leaf.
The parsley was bundled so that each child could bring home a bunch (including a radish or two) to their family. We hope you enjoyed it!

There is more harvesting to be had out there!! If you want your kids to experience a fresh, healthy and yummy snack with their classmates, just contact Amy or Annie.

Try for this week (22nd through 25th) while everything is still fresh!

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