Monday, January 7, 2008

Compare and Contrast...

Has anyone noticed the difference between the plants growing in the K-2 garden vs. the plants growing in the Raised Beds in the 3-8 Garden? Well, check it out! There is a huge difference!

While many of the plants were from the same nursery and many of the same seeds were used the difference seems to be in the SOIL! The Raised Beds (3-8) were prepared with fresh topsoil and about 3/4 compost. The K-2 bed was soil tested before planting, we then added compost and specific nutrients based on test results, rototilled and then planted. We have found that soil to be quite sandy still and are currently working on strategies for bringing it to the ideal growing medium. This makes for some excellent learning opportunities, in addition some fun experiments with our children.

Our first experiment will involve the 1rst and 2nd graders on Thursday in the K-2 garden....we will dig up the radish and carrots seeds, that have not done to well, then have the kids add lots of nutrient rich compost. We know they love getting there hands dirty, so they will turn the soil, then replant new seeds and track the results.

radishes/raised beds

radishes/K-2 garden

parsley/raised beds

parsley/K-2 garden

broccoli/raised beds

marigolds, broccoli, cauliflower
broccoli/K-2 garden

peas/raised beds

peas/K-2 garden

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