Thursday, November 8, 2007

Grades 3 thru 8, You're Next!!

Don't think the garden motivation stops here! Now that we have the K-2 garden well under way, we want to make the 3rd-8th grade garden a desirable destination as well! It is our goal to build some sort of shade structure with beams attached to planters (like the picture but not in cement!) with a trellis cover for the center of our raised bed area. We would love to have this done between Thanksgiving and Christmas. Hopefully this will attract all the teachers as an "outdoor classroom" area to be used for more than just planting, gardening and composting...but also hanging out, reading, breaking up into small groups, etc!

Our one obstacle to a flourishing garden in this area is water!! We thought we had that covered but we just found we have pipes that are in need of repair and a shut off valve that may be difficult to turn back on. We are working on this...and, in the meantime, we will have to use the spigot next to Jeff Plapp's classroom with a hose, watering cans and a wheelbarrow. We are hoping that enthusiastic Middleschoolers won't mind wheeling a watering can or two over to their thirsty plants. (maybe we could call this PE?) We know this is not ideal and have a work order out to the two Irrigation people who work for SD City Schools.

So...if anyone wants to help the 3rd-8th graders water once their beds are planted or if anyone wants to work on a guided building project, donate wood, time, or ideas...please contact Amy or Annie ASAP!


craig or cami said...

Sign me up for that manual labor November 29 - December 8!! Cami

E'l Roy said...

Ooh, does this mean we get to meet li'l Finley?!