Friday, June 3, 2011

3rd Grade Gardening

We had a fun and productive year in our school garden !  Each Thursday Ms Lau & Ms Merrills 3rd grade students spent time cultivating food, flower's & herbs in our Phoenix Farm, (aka the Big Raised Bed Garden).

The students learned about cool weather & warm weather vegetable's, flowers & herbs.  They also learned how to amend soil, plant, stake, fertilize & harvest food & seeds.  More topic's included, plant life cycles, plant adaptations, companion planting,beneficial & not so beneficial insects, applying scientific method, vertical growing, seed germination, decomposers, compost cycles, raising chickens, monarch butterfly life cycles,irrigation techniques, building supports, farmers markets, and farm to table cooking classes.

We were so busy working and having fun, that we only have a few pictures to represent all those wonderful days in the garden.  Here are a few highlights !

The students measured, planned & hung the Woolly Pockets

Then planted them with strawberry's

Sign Painting
Journal making with recycled paper

It was the year of the Snail Invasion

Which provided tasty treats for our Hens

Time to Harvest Cabbage, who is that head !

Ms Merrill, WE LOVE YOU !

 Time to cut and cook then eat !!! Thanks Michelle

Fava Beans and Cabbage Art

Thanks to all the parent volunteers, our fabulous 3rd Grade Teachers, the Curious and Capable 3rd Graders, and of course Mother Nature !

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