Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Garden Volunteer Opportunities for the 2010/2011 School Year

Its a new school year, and we have lots of plans to make our school gardens more productive and beautiful. In addition we would like to see more students & teachers learning, exploring, cooking & working in the gardens. This takes a whole community effort to achieve !

Please take a look below at what you might want to do, then email Amy Zink, alzycat@gmail.com, with your choice, name, number & grade/grades your children are in. We will announce a meeting in the next few weeks via email to get started !

If you would like to get your hands dirty right away, we will be having a Garden Clean Up Day this Thursday, from 8:30 till Noon, come for as little or as long as you can ! Meet in the Kinder Garden after drop-off.

Below we have put together four different area's of volunteer opportunities based on levels of commitment for our parents, grandparents, & family friends at SDCCS.

1)Open Volunteer Days (Super Flexible) *come anytime Monday or Thursday mornings to help water/weed (1/2 hour - 1 hour time commitment per week). *Note - if you are available other days, please let Amy know *

2)Weekly Water & Weed (Super Simple) (20 minutes per week on your time schedule)
*pick one or more area’s below*

☐Native plant bed, (next to the storage/janitorial room)
☐Succulent’s & potted plants (gardens around the auditorium)
☐Newly planted trees
☐Fruit Trees, Berries, Grapevine
☐Compost Care
☐Quick tidy of gardens (rake leaves, pick up trash etc.)
☐Creating & Maintaining signs for plants & garden

3)Garden Guides (Most involved) (2 times per month)

☐ Work directly with children in the garden. We will take beginners in these areas, you don’t need to have any knowledge here, and we can teach you! Its super fun! We will have quarterly meetings to plan accordingly. We need volunteers in all grades !

4)Construction/Building (Great for Handy Folks). We do have some simple design plans for all of these projects for you to follow.

☐Benches & Tables (outside 3rd,4th & 5th grade classrooms)
☐Rain Barrels

One last thing, we will be having Saturday workdays in the Gardens, which are great for working parents to attend. We will announce those in the next week or two.

Any questions, please contact Amy Zink at alzycat@gmail.com

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