Saturday, November 14, 2009

The Giving Garden!

November 12th in SDCCS's 3rd grade class, a wonderful thing happened!
It began as an idea to celebrate the completion of the kid's service projects. Each student had been given the assignment to somehow make the world a better place.... and there were so many great projects. Really wonderful. (Check out this video by Bidane !!!)
But then to top it all off it was decided, with the inspirational direction of 3rd grade teachers Merrill and Dmitry and help from art teacher Allison Bell, that the "project completion party" should become its own service project.
For $10, family and friends were invited to a feast. We each received a handmade pottery bowl made by the kids filled with classroom-made vegetable soup and school grown salad (lettuce, radishes and herbs picked that morning from 3-8th grade raised beds) and fresh bread. Desert was delicious... apple bars (made by Cindy, Dmitry's wife) from the apples picked by the kids on the field trip they went on last week.
And all the proceeds went to Food Not Bombs.

It was a lovely meal...and one the kids deserved more than any other as they grew it, nurtured it, and put thought and love into it.
There were over 100 people there!
It felt like thanksgiving.
It was inspiration for all the many future events where we can incorporate the fruits of our garden labor combined with the cooperative spirit of giving!

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Anonymous said...

it was a lovely evening...thanks for recording it!