Thursday, September 11, 2008

Name That Bean?!

Do you know what type of bean Olive is holding??  You guessed it. A Chinese Yard Long Bean! Miss Morgan's Kindergarten class planted these last spring and the new Kinders are picking them, cutting them up in pieces and eating them. We hear they are quite yummy. To read more about the Chinese Yard Long bean, click here.

Take a look at our little apple tree, and all the fruit it is going to gift us with this year. As some of you know, when we took over the school site this was the only living thing planted in the K-2 garden. Last year it only had one apple on it, and since it has had lots of TLC from our caretakers, its much happier now ! We can't wait till the children can eat them !

Out in the Raised Bed Garden, the 3rd graders are busy getting there beds ready for a new season of fall crops. They worked hard to mix in compost, and water with there friends. Lots of digging going on. Very exciting !!


CJ said...

The kids are not the only ones learning from the garden! I had never seen these beans until I did watering of the garden in August. I was amazed by how many were on the vines ... and then I learned how they are used around the world from this web site. Thanks for the teaching!

CJ said...

When is the next garden day?

Anonymous said...



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