Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Celebrate Summer Solstice at a Local Organic Farm !

If you & your family would like to get away from the city this Saturday, and spend some quality time at an amazing farm, check out the information below. I have been attending the monthly potlucks at this farm for over a year now, and each time I walk away nourished, inspired and in awe. For more information about LaMilpa Organica farm you can go to their website here.

Also, check out the San Diego Roots Sustainable Food Project Website at the end of this post. Read about The Willow Glen Farm Project and watch the video produced by the students at the Terra Nova Garden at Morse High School, some amazing stuff happening right here in San Diego ! San Diego Roots has served as inspiration for us at SDCCS.

Roots Fundraiser & Farm Summer Fest
@ La Milpa Organica Farm | Escondido
Saturday, June 21 @ 4pm to 10pm
9928 Protea Gardens Road, Escondido California 92026

Live Entertainment | Puppets & Circus Acts | Potluck & Pizzas
family-friendly films under the oaks after dark

This is a perfect opportunity to visit this little agricultural gem. Farms are nice places to hang out, and what Barry Logan (farmer) has created  is a perfect example of how beautiful things happen when a community embraces a farm -- and a model of what  Willow Glen Farm is intended to be. There will be fun entertainment and they'll serve freshly made, wood-fired pizzas. After dark they'll show a family-friendly, inspiring food-related short film -- including a cartoon or two -- under the oak trees. Rain cancels.

For a map or more information about San Diego Roots Sustainable Food Project, visit their website:


CJ said...

I missed solstice but .. how cool of a place is this .. I will put this on my to do list!

Anonymous said...



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