Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Summer Watering....HELP!

There are 11 weeks in summer and we hope to have 2 people/families per week to "adopt" our gardens. It will involve coming in on Monday and Thursday of that week during business hours to water and turn the compost. It will take about 1 hour to accomplish this. (That's only 2 hours the whole summer to put towards your volunteer hours!!) Your kids will enjoy helping or playing at the K-2 playground while you tend the garden and you are welcome to bring a picnic ... enjoy the grass and shade...
The schedule/sign-up will be posted all summer long on the link section to the right, but here it is so far. If you are interested in helping us out, e-mail Amy at alzycat@gmail.com We will have a quick walk-through on Thursday June 12th from 11:30 to 12:30pm just before school lets out, to go over what needs to be cared for.

June 16 and 19.....1)Annie 2)Amy Z
June 23 and 26....1) Gabby 2) Tara Border 3) Susana Anaya (June 26 only)
June 30 and July 3......1)Tammy 2)Mark Decker (7/3 only) (need one other 6/30)
July 7 and 10.....1)Polly Camp 2)Amy Hooker
July 14 and 17...1)Annie 2) Gabby
July 21 and 24....1)Juanita & Lee 2)_______
July 28 and 31.....1)Lydia 2) Robin Roberts
August 4 and 7......1)Robin Roberts 2) Susana Anaya
August 11 and 14......1)Lydia 2) Susana Anaya
August 18 and 21...1) Susana Anaya 2) CJ Lucke
August 25 and 28.....1) Amy Z 2) Susana Anaya
Sept 1 and 4......1)Juanita & Lee 2)_________


lydiafdc said...

I can help starting the week of July 28th...so sign me up for that week and Aug 11 & 14. I can also be called last minute, etc...we're here most of the summer.

yoliander said...

We would like to sign up for July 3rd however, can't find the link to the sign up sheet.

Amy said...

Yoliander, not sure who you are, so if you could email me, alzycat@gmail.com, I can put you on the list. There is not a link for sign up, just a hard copy we will put up on the school bulletin board sometime in the next week. Thanks for your help !

erica said...

I would love to sign up for a week, but we have so many tentative plans this summer I don't feel like I can, or should for that matter, commit to any specific week this far in advance. As I am so accustomed, I wouldn't mind standing in as a sub and being "on-call" throughout the summer as back up, or for any days/weeks that don't get taken.

will said...


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