Friday, March 14, 2008

Spring Garden News!

You may have noticed new growth in the K-2 garden...

It's beginning to look a lot like Springtime

~Jacob's Kindergarten classroom has started their "Powerful Puma" bed with tomatoes. A structure is in the works to support the pole beans that have now started to sprout! The idea developed by the class was to have a bean tunnel and tower. This classroom's garden enthusiasm is contagious!

Jenn's 1rst grade class has
started a garden project with
cucumbers, spinach,
yellow peppers and cherry tomatoes
and they take
great care of the garden every
Monday morning, watering
and helping out.

~Morgan's Kindergarten class takes time on Wednesdays to care for their pizza bed and are hoping to have a feast at the end of the school year! They also said good-by to the class hermit crab, burying him in their garden.

~Kate and Mr. V's Multi-age classroom continue to tend the herbs, sweet pea tee pee and the broccoli areas as well as recently planting sunflower seeds, pole beans, delphiniums, asparagus and artichoke.


This class also released Painted Lady Butterflies which we hope will stick around long enough for everyone to enjoy them. Next year we will have more passion vines flowering to support our classroom butterflies. Passion vines are favorites of gulf fritillaries and painted ladies (pictured)!

Succulent Garden
Hopefully everyone has had the chance to see the wonderful succulent garden growing out of shoes and boots in the lunch courtyard under the tree! Thanks for all the contributions...and to Alison Bell and all of her Art Students who have worked very hard to put it all together. We are still looking for Shoe donations, and Succulent Donations for the Native Garden planned behind the auditorium. The day we will be working on this new garden and on school wide Garden Maintenance is Saturday, April 5th, starting at 10:00am. If you would like to get more volunteer hours in, please come by and join us.

Spring is Almost Here! The Proof is everywhere. Check out the Weeping Mulberry...its almost ready to bloom! Ask your children to point out the new growth in the garden...they have all noticed and love to share!

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