Friday, February 8, 2008

More Inspiration...

Occasionaly it is a good idea to think big and visualize the ultimate goal, no matter how far off. At this point our gardens are modest and need much work, but life is long and everything here are some photos from UC Santa Cruz Life Lab with examples of how it "could" be...with YOUR help! (For bigger and more detailed pictures click the "inspiration" link at the right!)

They have great examples of "signs" made from wood, mosaic, paint sticks, metal...

...and wonderful educational garden projects...a human sundial... "where on Earth does your food come from?"...and a "Pizza Garden" (Morgans class is going to do this with garlic, tomatos, oregano, basil etc!)

...and an ultimate-great-fantasy-school-outdoor-kitchen-dream!!

...and just a fun idea, a planter desk!
In so many ways we may as well dream big! Our school is full
of great ideas and inspiring people with a wide array of talents.

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