Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Holiday Garden Maintenance!

Over the Holiday Break our Garden is going to need some Care!

If it is sunny and dry it will need watering every two- four days.

It works best if two people work together, and the time it takes is about 1 hour.

The work includes watering the following...

1~The K-2 Garden.
2~The compost and worms.
3~The Passion Vines in the Kinder Area
4~The Strawberry and Pea Planter Boxes next to the Kindergarden Room.
5~The 5 Planter boxes outside the Fourth and First Grade Classrooms.
6~The Raised Beds in the 3-8 Garden
7~The Lemon Tree.
8~Remove Leaves from around all the plants in each Garden and Planter Boxes, especially Eucalyptus leaves.

If we have lots of rain...which we would love, then there may not be a need to come at all.

Please let us know if you would like to get some extra volunteer hours in by tending the Garden. We would like to get a schedule organized soon! As of now, we need about 6 volunteers, and you may only come one day during the whole break. Once we know who will be helping, we can go over all the details with you just before the break.

See you in the Garden !


lydiafdc said...

We'll be in town so I can do any day (more than one) except 1/1...I know I will have had a late night :)

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