Friday, October 17, 2008

Monarch Caterpillars

We found 6 different Caterpillars in the K-2 Garden Yesterday! We planted milkweed last year to attract the monarch butterfly's, so we were so excited to see that they were feeding on a few of the garden plants. Both Mr. Jacob's Kindergartners and Miss Jen's first graders observed them first hand. They found that they are "soft" to the touch and have "two heads" on each end. We talked about how they got there, and how we should all make sure that we leave them safe to make it to there next stage of the life cycle, to form a chrysalis, because after that, we think in about 2 weeks they will become beautiful Monarch Butterfly's. You can go the this link to read in detail about them.

We will be making a chart describing all the interesting facts about Monarch Butterfly's and will place it in the Garden for everyone to read and share with their family's and friends. So go see them when you get a chance, most of them are feeding on the plants in the image below, which is in Mr. Jacob's Powerful Puma's bed. We are not sure what these plants are since they were seeds that were planted in the summer, but are very anxious to see what flower they produce, and that our caterpillars have something yummy to eat !

Friday, October 3, 2008

Greenhouse Models

Pattie Krohn's 8th grade class has been working on a greenhouse design project. The first step was to come up with innovative ideas for portable, small and inexpensive greenhouses and make prototypes.

Two designs have been chosen. Over the next months the class will work to collect the building materials necessary to see their designs in action.  Some of the materials will be recycled and some will be donated or purchased. One helpful website with all sorts of ideas is who also will be donating some of the PVC used.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Gardens Popping up Everywhere

Miss Jenn's 1rst
grade class has started 
a recycled vegetable 
garden made from an 
old bookshelf turned 
on its side.

There are also new plantings springing up in the 3rd-8th grade garden where Jennifer Kelly's 6th grade elective class "Simple Life for Teens" is planting vegetables to use for the cooking portion of the class.

Merrill and Dmitry's 3rd grade classes are also working on their garden beds .

If you'd like to help with these new gardens contact Jolie Barboa, garden liason for these classes, at...